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Our unique color matching system means you can return your Mitsubishi’s paintwork to its original factory finish and make your vehicle shine.

Buy the perfectly matched Mitsubishi touch up paint for all Mitsubishi car colors

Whether you’re looking to match the original Phoenix Red factory finish of your Outlander or just find the Mitsubishi paint code location, our thorough guide on the touch-up paint process has everything you need. With our guide, even the most inexperienced among you will be able to repair scratches and scraps yourself.

Mitsubishi Automotive Touch Up Paint

The Mitsubishi paint we stock is professional-grade paint that is used by body shops, so you’ll achieve a flawless factory finish without having to empty your wallet. Our touch up paint kits and other items also come with free shipping to take some stress out of the situation while providing you with great value.

Along with this article, we also have a library of videos on YouTube that outline the Mitsubishi touch up paint process in detail. So, if you are looking for a step-by-step guide, be sure to check these out.

Our DIY paint guide will cover a variety of topics surrounding the touch-up paint process:

  • Mitsubishi Paint Code Location
  • Repairing scrapes on your Mitsubishi
  • The best Mitsubishi paint products
  • What tools are needed to repair the paint on your Mitsubishi?
  • What is the two-stage Paint System?
  • How do you match Mitsubishi’s touch up paint?

Our team is on call to help with any of your questions, so contact us at 971-770-2372 to speak to one of your expert staff members. Alternatively, we have an FAQ section with answers to a lot of common problems, or you can email us at

Mitsubishi Paint Code Location

Mitsubishi keeps their paint code on the manufacturer’s service tag alongside other important vehicle information. The exact location of the label can vary depending on the year and model of your vehicle, and the sticker may be silver, white or black. To find it:

Mitsubishi Paint Code Location
  1. Open the hood and look on the core support in the middle
  2. Check on the firewall, which is also under the hood. Be aware that it may be on the passenger or driver’s side of the firewall as well as the middle.
  3. Lastly, check the driver’s side door jamb

Mitsubishi car colors are represented by a three-digit paint code that will usually contain both numbers and letters. You will generally find the code next to either a “COLOR” or “PNT” heading, so when you see the sticker, look for these.

Mitsubishi Paint Code Location

Example: W75

W75 paint shown in the example above, is the code for White Matte. Other examples include W37 Frost White or C06, which represents Brown Mitsubishi paint.

Once you have the Mitsubishi paint code location and have found the color code, the rest is straightforward. Click on Products above to get started and purchase your touch-up kit, which we will deliver with free shipping.

If the tag or sticker is not in the locations above:

  1. Contact us at 971-770-2372. Our staff will be able to assist you in identifying your paint code based on a few questions about the model, make and year. Give us a call from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm PST from Monday to Saturday.
  2. Email us at
  3. Use our database of Mitsubishi paint codes that are available from our site
  4. Contact the previous owner of the vehicle for the information

Repairing scrapes on your Mitsubishi

Whether you have a Mitsubishi Lancer, Galant, or Spyder, the steps necessary to repair your paintwork are pretty much the same. You’ll have your Burnt Red paintwork glistening again in no time without ever having to step foot inside a body shop.

Mitsubishi Paint Protection

Before starting, always read the instructions of the specific paint you choose and the accompany paint product that you opted for. Make sure to give the product you select a test run before starting on your vehicle just to get an idea of how the product works.

For a great finish, complete the work in the shade on a day with temperatures around 70°F. This gives the paint a chance to dry evenly. To repair your Mitsubishi:

  1. Prepare your Mitsubishi by cleaning it with soap, water, and some wax and grease remover (15 minutes)
  2. Even out the damaged area by smoothing it with 320 and 600 grit sandpaper (25 minutes)
  3. Re-clean the area after sanding (10 minutes)
  4. Let the car dry (20 minutes)
  5. Use masking tape to create a boundary and protect the surrounding areas (5 minutes)
  6. Apply several coats of primer. Apply them in thin layers (5 minutes per coat. Thirty minutes to dry)
  7. Apply three coats of Mitsubishi touch up paint. Aim to align it with the surrounding color (5 minutes. 40 minutes to dry.)
  8. Apply three layers of clear coat. (15 minutes. Dry for 10 minutes between each layer)
  9. Dry your Mitsubishi overnight

If you intend to use rubbing compounds, make sure to wait at least three days after the painting process before applying it.

For more detailed instructions, head over to our YouTube channel to get a walk-through of the process.

The best Mitsubishi paint products

When searching online, you are likely to see the three products below recommended throughout the web.

  • Mitsubishi Paint Pens
  • Mitsubishi Paint Bottles
  • Mitsubishi 12 oz. Aerosol Spray Cans

However, we don’t sell Mitsubishi Paint Pens at ERA Paints. They don’t provide the flawless factory finish that we have come to expect from our products. We can’t back the quality that paint pens offer and therefore have opted against stocking them. For some Mitsubishi car colors that have metallic and pearl in them, paint pens don’t lay the color correctly and the paint flakes.

The right product for you will depend mainly on the extent of the damage. For medium to large areas of damage, we recommend the spray canisters. Their 12 oz size makes them versatile enough for a range of scratches and scrapes. You can purchase a spray trigger with it to improve the application.

For smaller areas, the paint jars are your best bet. They come with small applicators, which are great for getting into the nooks and crannies of a scrape. If the damage is around the size of a few small coins, then opt for the paint bottles.

What tools are needed to repair the paint on your Mitsubishi?

One of the benefits of the Mitsubishi touch up paint process is the hefty savings you’ll make by avoiding a body shop. Thankfully doing the work at home also doesn’t involve purchasing a laundry list of supplies. But for a great finish, purchasing a kit with the right equipment is essential, we recommend:

  • Primer – to be applied before the touch-up paint to prepare the vehicle for painting
  • OEM touch up paint – we sell industry-leading paint to get your car looking great
  • Clear coat – to protect the paint and body, creating a long lasting repair
  • Wax and grease remover – to clean the car before and after sanding it
  • 320 or 600 grit sandpaper –smooth out any uneven surfaces created by the scratch
  • Automotive masking tape – to prevent the rest of the paint from being affected during the process
  • A lint free shop towel – to dry the car and keep your other equipment clean
  • Spray Can Trigger – this is optional and makes the canisters far more comfortable to use
  • Nitrile gloves – to protect your hands during the touch-up paint process

We stock Mitsubishi touch up paint kits for all Mitsubishi colors. These provide all of the necessary tools in one bundle. They offer great value for money over buying each item separately.

What is the two-stage Paint System?

Cars used to be painted in what was known as the single-stage procedure. Everything was mixed and then applied to the body of the vehicle in one application. While it was a lot simpler than the current process, it had some key drawbacks that included:

Mitsubishi Touch Up Paint
  1. The lifespan of single-stage paint was significantly shorter because it was less robust against sunlight. This led to unsightly paintwork and meant owners had to get their vehicles repainted.
  2. The single-step process did not protect the body of the car as well, which led to more rust. It also didn’t make vehicles shine as much.
  3. Old paintwork used to be far less reflective, which wasn’t great for passengers in hotter climates.

While being slightly more expensive than the old process, two-stage painting is the best technique currently available. It is the gold standard for automotive painting and uses a base layer over a primer that is then sealed with clear coat. It is excellent because:

  1. It lasts the entire lifespan of the vehicle and rarely requires repainting.
  2. The painting technique makes the vehicle far more durable when operating in harsh weather. It is less likely to crack, peel, or flake.
  3. The multiple layers protect the paint from becoming scratched in the first place, which leads to a lower overall cost.

How do you match Mitsubishi’s touch up paint?

Getting a perfect manufacturers match isn’t so much a science but, in fact, more of an art form. Ensuring the color is perfectly matched requires a few things:

  1. You will need your Mitsubishi paint code, which is located on the manufacture’s tag, details of this can be found in one of the sections above. Or you can head over to our online database of Mitsubishi colors and find yours.
  2. After finding the correct code, make your way over to our store and provide us with the details. From here, we can match the color with the color code.
  3. When touch up paint is created, various colors are mixed. The trick is to start slowly and then add more until there is an ideal color match.
  4. Typically, the paint starts light, and then other colors are added in to make a darker color.
  5. Mitsubishi paint is then blended, which helps provide a great finish.

The color matching process used to be done without computers. But now technology is used to get an even closer match, which is essential when completing small touch up repairs.


Opting to buy Mitsubishi touch up paint and fix your vehicle’s scratches and scrapes makes perfect sense to any price-conscious consumer. Not only is it significantly cheaper, but it will also take up far less of your time. Before starting, it is essential to determine the size of damage and pick the paint tool that best suits your needs. Don’t wait, order your Mitsubishi colors today.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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