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We stock professional-grade paint for all Oldsmobile colors, so get your vehicle shining again with our Oldsmobile touch up paint.

Get the Oldsmobile paint code for your car and get the best OEM touch up paint to make your paintwork shine.

Whether you are looking for a variety of Oldsmobile colors or information on the Oldsmobile Aurora touch up process, we have what you need. Providing excellent service to our customers is a core focus of ours at ERA Paints. We aim to provide our clients with information that is necessary to complete the touch-up paint process at home and get their vehicles shining again.

Oldsmobile Touch Up Paint

It doesn’t matter if you have an Oldsmobile 88, Oldsmobile Cutlass, or any other model, we have the right touch up paint for you to get the scratch on your vehicle fixed. We even have the sought after Oldsmobile Toronado paint.

The OEM touch up paint we stock not only delivers a flawless factory finish but is the same paint that body shops use. You’ll get an original factory finish with our GM touch up paint and get the blemishes on your paint work out in no time. To provide even better value, all orders on our site are delivered with free shipping as standard.

Using the information in this article, as well as our extensive library of how-to videos on our YouTube channel, even complete novices should be able to repair any scrapes on their Oldsmobile. Our videos provide more specific instructions on the process and are a great resource if you need more clarity on some steps.

Doing it yourself will save you both time and money in the long run and means you don’t have to rely on expensive body shops going forward. Below you’ll find a variety of information on the touch-up process, including:

  • Where is the Oldsmobile paint code located?
  • How do you fix your Oldsmobile with GM touch up paint?
  • What is the best Oldsmobile spray paint or an Oldsmobile touch up paint pen?
  • What tools do you need for the Oldsmobile touch up paint process?
  • How long does an Oldsmobile touch up repair take?
  • How much does the touch-up process cost?

If you need more information, make sure to check out our video library, look at our FAQ section or give us a call, and we can help steer you through any issues.

Where is the Oldsmobile paint code located?

Before buying any Oldsmobile, touch up paint, you have to locate the paint code. Paint codes are determined by the vehicle manufacturer and help us identify the exact color used on your vehicle. You can find the paint code on the manufacturer’s sticker or VIN tag, and they are usually on a black, silver, grey, or white card.

Oldsmobile Paint Code Location

The location of the VIN tag will depend on whether you drive an Oldsmobile Cutlass or an Oldsmobile 88.

To find it:

  1. Go to the passenger’s side of the car, open the door and check in the glove box
  2. Go to the rear of the vehicle, open the trunk and check on either side
  3. Look on the trunk lid

You can find it next to the “BC/CC” heading on the manufacturer’s label. Oldsmobile paint codes are four digits long and contain numbers and letters.

An example code is: 8555

The code above represents Jet Black. Like other GM owned brands, the GM touch up paint may be prefixed with a “WA” and referred to online as WA8555. You will only find the paint code on the tag and not the paint description.

Once you have the code use our color finder; simply enter your Oldsmobile’s details and select the paint that matches your paint code. Everything ordered from us is shipped without any delivery costs.

If the paint code is not in one of the places identified above:

  1. Call our hotline at 971-770-2372. One of our staff members can help locate your paint code. We are available on the phone from 8 am to 2 pm PST, throughout the week and on Saturday.
  2. Use our color selector tool. Just put in the year, make, and model of your Oldsmobile, and it finds all of the possible Oldsmobile colors.
  3. If you don’t see your code on our color selector or for out of hours, email

How do you fix your Oldsmobile with GM touch up paint?

With the Oldsmobile paint kits that we stock, fixing scratches and scrapes on the paintwork of your vehicle is easy. Also, completing the work at home is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon and will save you time and money.

Whether you have an Oldsmobile Cutlass or an Oldsmobile Aurora, the steps to fixing a scratch are almost identical. However, we always recommend reading the instructions that come with the specific product that you have purchased before you begin.

If you have opted to use our spray cans, don’t change the nozzles as they have been purpose made and it can disrupt the flow of paint.

Also, make sure to test the color you purchase, so you understand precisely how it lays the paint. It’s important to use paint that is not expired as otherwise, you might not get an exceptional finish. Doing the work away from direct sunlight will help the color to dry evenly, as will fair weather. To complete the Oldsmobile touch up paint process:

  1. Clean the scrape using soap and water. While this step is optional, it gives you an understanding of how bad the scratch is.
  2. To smooth any bump, sand the scrape with 320 and 600 grit paper.
  3. Clean it again. However, this time use the wax and grease remover.
  4. Section off the damage with masking tape. This prevents the paint from affecting the rest of your Oldsmobile.
  5. Apply the primer in thin layers. We recommend spraying it several times and waiting for five to ten minutes between each coat.
  6. Let it dry for 30 minutes
  7. Apply the Oldsmobile touch up paint. Again, spray or apply it in thin layers and make sure it lines up with the color that surrounds it. Wait for five minutes or so between coats.
  8. Let it dry for 30 minutes
  9. Apply the clear coat to seal everything. Use the thin layers technique as above.
  10. Allow your Oldsmobile to dry overnight.

Many of our customers ask about cutting cream. It is a great way to finish the process and add that little bit of shine. However, you have to wait a minimum of three days for the touch up paint to dry. Otherwise, it will damage the paint.

For further instructions on how to complete the work, head over to our YouTube channel. It breaks the steps down in an easy to follow manner.

What is best Oldsmobile spray paint or an Oldsmobile touch up paint pen?

Oldsmobile Paint

We recommend different products depending on how severe the scrape on your Oldsmobile is. The location of the scratch can also be a factor, especially if it is in a hard to reach place. We recommend using:

  • Oldsmobile spray paint
  • Jars of Oldsmobile paint

Our 12oz spray canisters are larger than the industry 10oz standard to provide you with better value. They are an excellent option for fixing your vehicle and can be used for a variety of scrapes. We usually recommend spray cans for medium to large-sized scratches as they provide excellent coverage. We also sell a trigger grip that can be attached to the can, and this makes applying the paint a lot easier.

With small scratches or scuffs that are in inconvenient locations, we usually recommend paint jars. The benefit of these over the cans is that they cost less and can be intricately applied to small spaces, ensuring excellent coverage. They come with small applicator sticks, which makes applying the paint in detail easy.

Oldsmobile paint pens are a relative newcomer to the paint product market and have become more popular recently. However, we don’t recommend using them. The goal of fixing your Oldsmobile should be to get a perfect manufacturer’s match and to make it look like a pro has done it. However, paint pens don’t provide a quality finish. The results can look cheap and don’t last long, so we recommend avoiding these.

What tools do you need for the Oldsmobile touch up paint process?

With the money you save on purchasing the OEM touch up paint and doing the work yourself, you must make sure to get the right equipment. It’s vital to get the right stuff for each stage of the process, or you risk a poor finish. Luckily, the items you need don’t break the bank, we recommend:

Oldsmobile Clear Coat Peel
  • 320 & 600 grit sandpaper. Used to smooth out a scratch.
  • Wax & grease remover. Used to properly clean the damage before painting.
  • Automotive Masking Tape. Used to protect the rest of the vehicle’s paintwork.
  • Primer. Used to bond the paint with the body.
  • Oldsmobile touch up paint in either a jar or 12 oz can.
  • Clear coat. Used to protect and seal the paint.
  • Nitrile Gloves. Used to keep your hands protected.
  • A towel. Used to wipe up any spillage.

We have paint kits that have everything to complete the work yourself. You have the option to purchase a full kit or just buy the items separately. We recommend the packages as they are better valued.

How long does Oldsmobile touch up repair take?

As well as saving money, you also save time by doing the work yourself. You don’t have to schedule an appointment or drop your car into a body shop. You also don’t have to find a replacement vehicle or change your schedule. Below you will find a table outlining the times for each step in the process:

StepTimeDry Time
Preparation15 minutes 
Sanding25 minutes 
Cleaning10 minutes15 minutes
Primer5 minutes per layer (3+ layers)30 minutes to 1 hour
Painting5 minutes per layer30 minutes to 1 hour
Clear Coat5 minutes per layerDry overnight

The times above are just an estimation. It may take less or more time, depending on your level of experience. If it is your first time, we recommend not rushing and giving your vehicle enough time to dry between each step.

How much does the touch-up process cost?

For some scratches and scrapes, a trip to the professionals is unavoidable. If the damage is particularly bad, it may require specialist equipment, which isn’t worth buying for a one-off. But the majority of scrapes can be repaired at home with one of our Oldsmobile touch up paint kits, which are excellent value and come with free shipping.

If you are wondering about price comparisons for everyday paintwork fixes, check out our table below.

Chips$40 to $100$150 to $900
Small bumper scratches$40 to $100$450
Small key scratches$40 to $100$150 to $300
Medium sized scrape$40 to $100$150 to $400

We only sell industry-leading touch-up paint. It is the same stuff used by the professionals at a fraction of the cost, so it makes sense to do the work yourself, particularly for minor damage.


With this article as a guide and our videos at hand, even the most inexperienced car lovers can get their Oldsmobile’s paintwork fixed. It doesn’t matter whether you need a variety of Oldsmobile colors or just Oldsmobile Toronado paint, we can lend a hand. Just remember to take your time and use the paint products as directed on the instructions.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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