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Dodge Ram OEM Paint and Doge Ram Touch Up Paint

Our online matching system will find the ideal color match, so get your Dodge Ram paintwork restored to a flawless factory finish. Get a perfect manufacturer’s match for Dodge Ram touch up paint. Find out the correct paint code for your Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Ram 2500, 2019 Dodge Ram, or any other Ram truck.

Dodge Ram Trucks

ERA Paints have everything you require, from 2020 Dodge Ram touch up paint to Dodge Ram 3500 spray paint. Our easy to understand step-by-step guides will show you how to repair your Dodge Ram at home and get your paintwork looking as good as the original factory finish.

Do you want to repair the scrape on your 2004 Ram 1500 or the scratch on your 2019 Dodge Ram 1500? Or are you searching for your Dodge Ram Rebel paint code? We have everything you need.

Get a great finish again with our professional quality paint match, where the ideal color match is guaranteed. Our affordable touch up paint kits and our free shipping makes it simple and extremely cost-effective for you to repair your Ram truck at home.

Our clear and straightforward DIY touch up paint guide will clarify all the steps to repairing your Dodge Ram. We are going to look at:

  • Where is your Dodge Ram paint code located?
  • How to use touch up paint on a Dodge Ram
  • The painting tools required
  • The equipment needed to repair your Dodge Ram at home
  • The two-step Paint System. Is a clear coat needed?
  • Professional work or DIY? Which is better?

Our knowledgeable team members are always on hand to help with any inquiries. If you have any problems, phone our helpline for assistance. Our extensive collection of video guides on our YouTube channel also make the Dodge Ram touch up paint process extremely easy to follow.

Where is your Dodge Ram paint code located?

You’ll be able to find your paint code in four places on your Dodge Ram.

Dodge Ram Paint Code Location
  1. In the door jamb, where the door is connected to the vehicle’s frame. Open the driver’s side door to locate this.
  2. On the firewall. Open the vehicle’s hood to locate this.
  3. On the strut tower (also under the hood of the Dodge Ram).
  4. On the core support. Again, you’ll need to open the hood to find this.

Once you’ve got your Dodge Ram paint code, the next steps are simple. Go to our website and order the correct Dodge Ram touch up paint kit, and wait for the free delivery of your ideal color match paint.

If you’re unable to find the code after following the steps above, then you can:

  • Use our online color selector tool. It’s as simple as picking the model and year of your Dodge Ram and viewing the result.
  • Call our helpful expert staff on 971-770-2372. Someone will be here to help Monday to Friday between 6:30 am, and 3:30 and on most Saturdays between 8:00 am 1:00 pm.

How to use touch up paint to repair scratches on your Dodge Ram (2019 Dodge Ram, 2020 Dodge Ram or any other Dodge Ram truck).

Fixing your Dodge Ram is simple. Using one of our Dodge Ram touch up paint kits, you can get your vehicle back to its flawless factory finish without heading to an expensive auto body shop. It’s possible to get your Dodge Ram looking as good as new in just a few hours, but if the weather is cooler, you might have to wait for a longer period of time to ensure the paint has dried.

Dodge Ram Touch Up Paint

Here we’ll set out the key steps you need to follow to repair your vehicle with our Dodge Ram touch up paint kits. We’ll also tell you the time frames required to correctly apply the Dodge Ram touch-up paint kit. Ensuring you paint when the conditions are right is really important in order to ensure you get a great finish. Your Dodge Ram should be out of direct sunlight, and the temperature should be at least 70°F.

  1. Get your Dodge Ram prepared by cleaning it with degreaser, soap, and water. This should take around 15 minutes.
  2. Sand down the damaged area with 600 grit sandpaper to ensure the site is smooth. This should take around 25 minutes.
  3. Clean the area again after sanding. This should take another 10 minutes.
  4. Allow the vehicle to dry. Leave the car for at least 20 minutes before starting the next step.
  5. Tape around the damaged area to protect the rest of the paint. This should only take 5 minutes.
  6. Use a couple of coats of primer. Use thin layers. This should take around 5 minutes per coat, and one hour to dry afterward.
  7. Use the Dodge Ram touch up paint. You should apply three medium coats that align with the paint around the damaged area. The painting should take 5 minutes. You will need to leave 40 minutes for the paint to dry.
  8. Apply the clear coat in three layers. This should take 15 minutes. Allow the clear coat to dry for 10 minutes between each layer.
  9. Allow your Ram Dodge to dry until the next day.

Ensure you’ve read and understood the paint instructions that come with the product before you begin painting. The guide above is just an outline, but you’ll be able to find more in-depth guides here, or we also have some very clear video guides on our YouTube channel, if this is your preferred way to learn. If you have any questions or issues, our customer care team is on hand and happy to help.

What painting tools are required to paint your Dodge Ram at home?

You have three options when it comes to buying paint to fix your Dodge Ram. These are:

  • A Dodge Ram Paint Pen
  • A Dodge Ram 12 px. Aerosol Spray Canister
  • Dodge Ram touch up paint bottles

Although we receive many inquiries about them, unfortunately, paint pens do not have the level of quality that we insist on in our products. Metallic colors do not apply properly, and they do not give the ideal color match we pride ourselves on providing to our customers. Therefore, we do not stock or sell them as we cannot guarantee their effectiveness. If you’re searching for touch up paint for your Dodge Ram Rebel or your 2020 Dodge Ram, a paint pen won’t apply the metallic flakes correctly and should be avoided.

The better options are Dodge Ram spray paint or Dodge Ram touch up paint bottles. The best option will depend on the amount of touch up paint that you need. Gauge how much damage has been done to your Dodge Ram and the size of the paint job required. If your vehicle only has a small scrape or scratch, touch up paint bottles (which come with an applicator) are an excellent choice.

For more significant damage, an aerosol spray can is definitely the best option. If it’s the hood of your Dodge Ram 3500 that needs repairing or a large panel on your Dodge Ram 2500, then you may need multiple canisters of spray. For information on the quantities required, contact us on our phone line on 971-770-2372. We strive to give our customers premium quality and offer 12-ounce cans (some of our competitors only offer 10-ounce products).

What do you need to repair your Dodge Ram at home

If your Dodge Ram hasn’t suffered significant damage, you’ll be able to repair the vehicle paintwork yourself at home. However, to achieve an original factory finish, even with the ideal color match for your Dodge Ram, you will need the right products and tools.

Dodge Ram Snow
  • Primer – to be applied in advance of the touch up paint.
  • Paint (OEM touch up paint) – to be applied via an aerosol spray or from the touch up Dodge Ram paint bottles.
  • Clear coat – to act as a sealant and protect the paint. This is the last step of the process.
  • Grease and wax remover- to remove debris before and after it is sanded.
  • Soapy water – to be used with the grease remover to clean the damaged area.
  • 600 or 320 grit sandpaper – to sand down and smooth out the damaged area
  • A towel – to keep you and your Dodge Ram clean throughout the process.
  • Masking tape- to protect the surrounding area while applying the touch up paint.
  • A trigger – an optional spray canister grip to help with easier paint application.
  • Nitrile gloves – to protect your hands.

We sell multiple touch up kits for our Dodge Ram customers, which include the items you need. Although you can also purchase each of these from us separately, you’ll get more for your money if you buy them as a bundle.

The two-step Paint System. Is a clear coat needed?

In the past, automobile paint would be applied in a one stage process. All of the chemicals required were pre-mixed and used together. This was a straightforward process, but it had some big flaws that couldn’t be overlooked.

  1. Single-stage paint was not as durable and would begin to fade more quickly due to sun damage. This led to increased costs when the paintwork needed to be touched up sooner.
  2. The one-stage process did not give vehicles the protection and shine that we expect from modern vehicle paintwork.
  3. The older paint would also absorb considerably more heat, making it less reflective.

The two-step touch up paint method is the most progressive technique used at the moment.

The first step is to apply the paint, and the second is to seal it with a clear coat. This costs more than the single-stage method, but the results are a good deal better. For example:

  1. The paint is much more durable, and you’re much less likely to need to repair it.
  2. If your Dodge Ram is painted using the newer method, it will endure various weather conditions far better than a vehicle painted using the one-stage process. Snow and sun do not have much impact on more recent paintwork.
  3. The use of clear coat and primer means that your Dodge Ram is not as likely to get a scratch or scrape to begin with.
  4. Upkeep and maintenance costs will be lower due to the vehicle’s reduced chance needing a paintwork touch up.

Professional or DIY? Which is better? Should I take my Dodge Ram to an auto body shop?

Dodge Ram Pick Up Automotive Touch Up Paint

A commonly asked question is whether Dodge Rams cost a lot to repair. The price is one of the main reasons that people try to stay away from auto body shops. We’ll set out some of the key advantages and disadvantages of undertaking the job at home or using an auto body shop.

Why you should repair the paintwork yourself:

  • It is far less expensive than going to an auto body shop to fix your Dodge Ram paintwork.
  • Our Dodge Ram touch up paint kits have all you need to complete the job easily yourself.
  • It’s quicker to do it yourself.
  • You can work to your schedule with fewer disruptions (no need to drop off your vehicle and arrange transportation, for example).

The disadvantages of a DIY job include:

  • It may not be obvious what is needed to get a great finish (although our guides will help with this).
  • It can be slightly daunting for a first-timer
  • Do it yourself touch up kits may not be the best option for more severe or larger-scale damage.

Sometimes, using a professional at an auto body shop will have some advantages over DIY work. These are:

  • Paintwork will be finished to a professional standard.
  • Professionals are an excellent option when there is a significant amount of damage.
  • The paintwork done should be guaranteed by the auto shop.

The disadvantages of using a body shop are:

  • The cost. It is considerably more expensive to use a body shop.
  • It’s more disruptive. You’ll need to fit the repair into your schedule and be vehicle-less a couple of days.
  • You’ll also have to get the repair done when the auto shop can fit it in, and not necessarily at your desired schedule.


At ERA Paints, we think that our wide selection of Dodge Ram touch up paints, spray paints and kits, means that fixing anything other than significant damage yourself at home is simple enough for even beginners. Don’t spend considerable sums of money at an auto body shop. Use our how-to guides and videos to get your Dodge Ram 3500, Dodge Ram 2500, or Dodge Ram 1500 back to its flawless factory finish now.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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