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The professional-grade paint we supply means you can guarantee a flawless factory finish on your repair work at home.

Whether you’re looking for Suzuki USA cars or Suzuki paint codes, ERA Paints has what you need.

At ERA Paints, our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service and provide you with all the Suzuki car information that you need. This guide thoroughly outlines the steps you need to take to complete the Suzuki touch up paint process and fix any scrapes on your 2014 GSXR 1000, 2009 GSXR 750, or any other model.

Suzuki Bumper Scratch

If you need Suzuki paint codes or touch up paint for your Vitara, Swift, or Samurai, then you have come to the right place. Our extensive list of codes means you can order the correct paint to get your car shining again in no time. We even stock 2015 GSXR 1000 colors.

Quality is important to us, and we only stock the professional-grade paint that you would find being used at body shops. Our products deliver a great finish every time and used alongside the steps in this article means doing it yourself is easy. On top of offering our products at great prices and we also include free shipping on all purchases.

Our Suzuki guide will save you from having to take a trip down to the body shop, which can cost a small fortune. You also get to do the repairs on your schedule with minimal disruption to your day to day arrangements. Even complete novices will be able to do the repairs if you use the information provided below.

  • Where are Suzuki Paint Codes located?
  • How to fix your Suzuki paint
  • Choosing the correct paint tools for Suzuki car repair
  • The best tools to repair your Suzuki
  • How long does it take to fix a scrape by yourself?
  • Which color hides dirt best?

For those of you who take in information better visually and to outline the process in more detail, we have created an entire YouTube channel dedicated to paintwork repairs. Check it out for step-by-step guidance. Or feel free to give our staff members a call, and they can help work through any issues with you.

Where are Suzuki Paint Codes located?

Your vehicle’s paint code is a vital reference point for us to correctly match the Suzuki touch up paint that is perfect for you. Before placing an order, you need to find your Suzuki’s paint code. It doesn’t matter if you drive an Aerio, X90, XL7, or any other model, the paint code will always be located on the manufacturer’s tag.

The location of the tag will depend on the model and year of the Suzuki that you own. To find it:

Suzuki Paint Code Location
  1. Go the driver’s side of the car, open the door and check on the door jamb
  2. Move round to the front of the car and open the hood
  3. Check the core supports on either side
  4. Look the entire away along the firewall
  5. Go to the passenger’s side of the vehicle, open the door, and check in the glove box

Suzuki paint codes are alphanumeric and usually three digits long.

An example code is: Z5K

The example above stands for Cassis Red Pearl. Other examples include Z2S Quicksilver Metallic, which is a popular color on Vitara’s. On the VIN tag, you won’t see the description, just the code. The exact location varies, but it can usually be found next to the “COLOR” heading.

After finding the code, the rest of the steps are simple. Order the OEM touch up paint from our online store and get your Suzuki restored to its former self in no time at all. We provide free shipping on all orders, so whether you need GSXR black, or paint for a 2014 GSXR 600, it won’t break the bank.

Sometimes the VIN sticker may not be in one of the places we listed above. If this happens to you:

  1. Call and talk to one of our staff members at 971-770-2372. They can help you and are available from 8 am to 2 pm, Monday to Saturday PST.
  2. Use our color code finder, which can be found on our site. You will need a few pieces of information about your Suzuki, and you will be able to find the code.
  3. Contact the former owner or dealership. They may have the information on record.
  4. Email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to fix your Suzuki paint

Suzuki Door Handle

Fixing a scrape on your Suzuki is a simple process that can be done by a novice. We provide a variety of kits that have everything you need to put the shine back into your Suzuki. This means you can get everything in one go rather than searching far and wide.

The process we have outlined below is just an overview. For more detailed instructions, please check out our YouTube page, which is full of helpful step-by-step videos or read the instructions included with every order.

We recommend testing the paint product you have purchased before starting. It gives you some practice before using it on your car and will provide you with an idea of the spray rate and how it lays the paint. Avoid using primer, paint, or clear coat that is past its expiry date as it doesn’t provide an ideal color match. If you opted for our spray canisters, we recommend purchasing the spray can trigger that we offer as it is custom made to fit with our cans.

For the best results, do the work when the temperature is around 70 degrees. Try and fix the scrapes out of direct sunlight as it can make the paint dry unevenly. The Suzuki touch up paint process steps are:

  1. Sand and smooth the damage to remove sharp edges. For the best results, go for 320 and 600 grit sandpaper.
  2. Clean and remove debris. Use wax and grease remover. Make sure it is dry before painting.
  3. Apply masking tape around the scrape. This stops other areas of your car from accidentally being painted.
  4. Spray the primer in thin layers. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Then put on another layer.
  5. Allow the vehicle to dry for 40 minutes or more once.
  6. Apply the Suzuki touch up paint. Gradually build the coats until they line up with the color around it. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Then put on another layer.
  7. Allow the vehicle to dry for 40 minutes or more.
  8. Apply the clear coat once the paint has dried. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Then put on another layer. Aim for two or three coats.
  9. Dry the vehicle overnight.

Cutting cream is excellent for giving your Suzuki Swift or Samurai a bit of extra shine. However, you must wait a few days before applying it.

Choosing the correct paint tools for Suzuki car repair

There are a variety of different paint tools that can be used to fix scratches on GSXR motorcycles or Suzuki USA cars. The best choice will depend mainly on how bad the damage is. However, we only recommend two products:

  • Suzuki Spray Paint
  • Jars of Suzuki paint

Spray paint is the swiss army knife of touch up paint. It comes in 12oz aerosol cans and is very versatile. It provides a flawless factory finish and is excellent for medium to significant sized scratches. So, if the damage is reasonably substantial, opt for the Suzuki spray paint. Make sure to protect the rest of your vehicle with masking tape and paper when using spray canisters.

Suzuki paint jars come with applicator sticks. The benefit of these is the level of detail that they offer. The small sticks are great for damage that is smaller than a quarter. Another advantage of the jars is that you don’t have to worry about affecting the surrounding paint.

Generally speaking, we do not recommend:

  • Touch up paint pens

Quality is important to us and one of the foundations on which our business is built. Touch up pens don’t offer a great finish and we do not feel comfortable recommending them to our customers. Unfortunately, paint repairs done this way can lead to the paint flaking, especially if you have a metallic or pearl-colored paint job.

The best tools to repair your Suzuki

Suzuki Car Wash

Doing the work yourself is far cheaper than going to a body shop. Money and time are the two things you save by completing the work at home. However, you don’t want to cut costs in the wrong places. Getting the right tools for the job results in a great finish on your 2011 GSXR 1000 or 2015 GSXR 1000. To get optimal results, we recommend using the stuff below.

  • Primer to spray on before the OEM touch up paint
  • Suzuki touch up paint jars or canisters
  • Clear coat spray at the end to seal and protect your paint job
  • Wax and Grease Remover to clean off any debris
  • 320 and 600 grit sandpaper to even out any bumps before painting
  • Masking Tape to protect the rest of the vehicle
  • A towel
  • Nitrile gloves to keep your hands safe

We stock everything listed above in Suzuki touch up paint kits. Buying everything at once makes the entire process even more hassle-free. You can purchase them separately, but the packages offer better value.

How long does it take to fix a scrape by yourself?

While most Suzuki USA cars will never get a bump or scratch that requires a fix, some owners can be unfortunate enough to get a ding in the parking lot. The time it takes to fix it yourself will depend mostly on how bad the damage is.

  • Top layer scratches – Clear coat is applied at the final stage of the process. A scratch this deep would be considered minor. You most likely won’t have to do any sanding or even apply OEM touch up paint. In fact, you may also be able to smooth it out with cutting creme. Expect this to take around an hour.
  • Paint Scratches – Paint layer scratches are relatively deep. They will require you to complete the entire Suzuki touch up paint process. Expect this to take three to four hours, depending on your experience. You will need to let the car dry overnight.
  • Metalwork scratches – scratches as these go right down to the metalwork on your car. Hopefully, with a bit of sanding, you can smooth it out and complete the process in the same manner as paint scratches.

Which color hides dirt best?

Suzuki Dirty Vehicle

Cleaning your Suzuki can seem like an arduous process if you’re someone who isn’t that fussed about the day-to-day condition of your vehicle. On the other hand, some people like their car to shine and are more than happy to regularly clean it. We’ve made a list of the colors that hide dirt well, they include:

  • Brown colors do a great job of hiding dirt as it can resemble mud.
  • Midtone Pewter is a tremendous grime-hiding hue
  • Orange colors are great for the same reason
  • Dark gray and silver can make your car look clean even if it’s been weeks without a wash

We recommend avoiding black at all costs. Not only do minor scratches show up prominently on dark cars, but it also highlights dirt, water spots, and pollen.


Suzuki car repair shouldn’t feel like a daunting project. With our guide, you can paint Suzuki USA cars and also GSXR motorcycles, restoring them to their former glory in no time. Remember to choose your paint product wisely and make a choice depending on the size of the scratch.

Don’t wait, get your Samurai, Aerio, or any other Suzuki model shining today.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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