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Find out how to use Tesla touch up paint and order chip repair kits

Restore your Tesla Model 3 Pearl White or your 2009 Tesla Roadster with our rock chip repairs kits for a flawless factory finish.

Use our paint guide to find out how to get factory-matched automotive touch up paint and repair any scratches, chips or scrapes on your Tesla

Using our guide, even the most novice of car enthusiasts can fix a chip or scratch on any model of Tesla. Don’t be daunted by the touch up paint process; our industry-leading products provide a perfect manufacturer’s match and take the hassle out of the process.

Tesla Paint Protection

We have professional quality paint for all Tesla colors, so it doesn’t matter whether you are fixing up your Tesla Model S Midnight Silver Metallic or Tesla Model S Silver, we have everything you need.

Quality is vital to us and makes up the cornerstone of our operations. Our Tesla chip repair kits alongside our walkthrough guides will help you achieve a flawless factory finish.

If you need more information, we have a frequently asked questions section on our site, as well as an array of videos to guide you through the various stages of the process. For those of you who know what you’re looking for, jump to the most relevant section below.

  • How to find your Tesla paint code?
  • Using touchup paint to repair your Tesla (Tesla Model X, 2017 Tesla models, and all others)
  • What touch up paint product should you use?
  • Using Tesla touchup paint – What supplies do you need?
  • Should I fix the scratch on my Tesla immediately?
  • How is the two-step paint system different from the single-stage process?

If there is anything, we’ve missed check out our FAQ page or our online videos. Alternatively, you could give our amazing staff a call, and they can lend a hand. Just call 971-770-2372 or email and you will reach someone who can help you.

How to find your Tesla paint code?

Tesla hasn’t been around as long as most car manufacturers, so they have the luxury of being able to keep the location of their paint codes standardized. Regardless of the model you own the Tesla paint code will be in the same spot, to find it:

Tesla Paint Code Location
  • Open the driver’s door
  • Look for the vehicle identification sticker (VIN) – it will typically be white
  • In the bottom left side of the label, you will find three letters PNT
  • Following this will be the Tesla paint code
  • All Tesla paint codes are made up of four characters
Tesla Paint Code Location

Example code: PNT: PBSB

In the example above, you can ignore “PNT:” as this is the prefix to the actual four-letter color code. The code PBSB is the color code for Eclipse or Jet Black PBSB Tesla. If you are having difficulty finding the code on the sticker, look for the VIN as it is situated to the left of it.

If your Tesla paint code is not in the location above, don’t worry, there are some options available to you.

  1. Enter the make, model, and year of your Tesla into our online color selector. From here you can choose the option which best suits you.
  2. Navigate to Tesla’s website – from here, and you can get chat support from 4:00 am till 8:30 pm every day. You will have to sign up and log in to get help.
  3. Contact your Tesla car dealer and provide them with your VIN. With this information, they will be able to check their records.
  4. Give ERA Paints a call, and our industry-leading customer service experts can guide you to a solution.

Once you have the Tesla paint code, simply use our online search function to find the Tesla touch up paint that is right for your Tesla color. We ship all of our products with free delivery to make it even more stress-free.

Using touchup paint to repair your Tesla (Tesla Model X, 2017 Tesla models, and all others)

Whether you’re looking to repair your Tesla Model S or use Obsidian Black touch up paint, the process is generally the same. Make sure to test out any of the paint products you purchased before you begin; it will give you a feel for how they work and result in a better finish.

Choose a day where the temperature is over 70 degrees to aid the drying process, and if you have one, complete it in your garage. Otherwise, do it in the shade. Below is a brief outline of the steps you need to take.

Tesla Automotive Paint Touch Up
  1. Clean your Tesla and remove dirt from the scratch
  2. Use sandpaper to smooth out the damaged area
  3. Using our special wax and grease cleaner will rid the debris created from sanding
  4. Tape the area to get it ready for painting
  5. Prepare the vehicle for painting by applying the primer. You will need two to three layers and must wait an hour for it to dry.
  6. Apply your Tesla touch up paint in several thin layers. Wait five to ten minutes between each coat and then an hour after the last application.
  7. Use the clear coat to seal and protect the paint. Spray the chip or scratch three times and wait 24 hours.

Before applying the touch-up paint, be sure to read the detailed instructions that come with your ERA Paints shipment.

If you need more in-depth information, check out our online FAQ guide. We also have a library of videos on YouTube to get you through the process. Our staff are also available to help you with anything else, please contact them at

What touch up paint product should you use?

When finding out how to use touch up paint, there can be an overwhelming amount of paint products to choose from. However, we only recommend two:

  • Touch Up Paint Bottles or Jars
  • 12oz Aerosol spray cans with a spray trigger

We do not stock Tesla auto touch up paint pens. At ERA Paints, we like to offer our customers pro-grade auto repair products that provide a great finish. Touch up paint pens do not meet this standard. If your Tesla has Ocean Blue Metallic PPSB paint or you have a PMTG Dolphin Gray Metallic Model S, then using paint pens is a bad idea. The color from a pen does not come together correctly and will start to flake in no time at all.

Touch up paint jars that come with small applicators are great for small chips. Typically, you should opt for this if the damage is smaller than a dime. The applicators are particularly suitable for rock chip paint repair because of the level of intricacy they offer.

If the area you need to restore is big, use one of our 12oz canisters with our OEM factory-matched automotive touch up paint. Most of our competitors provide 10oz canisters, but to offer better value to our customers, we opt for the large cans.

Using Tesla touchup paint – What supplies do you need?

To get the most out of your Tesla paint repair kit, you need to have the right tools for the job. To repair any of the Tesla colors to a high-standard, we recommend the items below:

  • Primer – to help the OEM Touch Up paint bond to the car
  • Perfectly matched Tesla paint
  • Clear coat – to protect your OEM touch up paint
  • Wax and Grease Remover – to give your Tesla a good clean before starting
  • Sandpaper – we recommend 320 and 600 grit to remove any sharp edges from the scrape
  • To stop other areas of your Tesla getting affected by the process use automotive masking tape and paper
  • A rag or shop towel – to wipe any excess dirt off your vehicle

All of the items above are available in our Tesla chip repair kits that can be used on all Tesla colors. The Tesla kits are great value, and all shipping is free. We all sell all of the items separately if you don’t need everything.

Should I fix the scratch on my Tesla immediately?

When you find a scratch on the body of your Tesla, it may not seem like a big deal. However, leaving the scratch or scrape alone can have some adverse long-term effects on your car. Regardless of whether its Silver Blue paint or other Tesla color options, get it fixed quickly. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Stopping the damage from getting worse – Once a scratch has taken off the protective transparent coat layer, your Tesla is open to the elements which can make the scrape significantly worse.
  2. Stop it from rusting – If the scratch is deep, there is the potential for water to seep into the metal. Once this happens, it is just a matter of time before rust occurs. Over the long-term large areas of rust can cause safety issues.
  3. Avoid excess costs – getting a small chip fixed early on is relatively cheap. If you leave it for a long time, it has more chance of morphing into something costly.
  4. Maintain your vehicle’s value – damage to the exterior of a Tesla is unsightly and will negatively affect the resale value of the car, particularly the Tesla Model S colors highlight the scratches.

Take the plunge and order one of our Tesla kits, which has everything you need to complete the touch up process.

How is the two-step paint system different from the single-stage process?

Auto paint used to be applied in a far more straightforward way. All the liquids and chemicals were mixed, then put on all at once. It was a simpler process but had some key issues which have made it obsolete:

Tesla Paint Codes
  1. Paint applied using the single-stage method had poor longevity and was prone to fading under extended exposure to the sun.
  2. Previously the paint was not well protected and more prone to damage. It also lacked shine because no finish was applied.
  3. Old paint reflected less sunlight, and this meant that it used to take in more heat, which was terrible for the body of the car and the pas

Overall, the process was cheaper but would cost you more in the long run because you had to get the paint fixed more frequently.

The newer two-step application process is the best technique available. Before applying the paint, the primer is used to help the paint bond to the body. Then the paint is applied and sealed with a layer of clear coat, which helps protect the paint. There are several benefits:

  1. Cars painted using the two-step process have exceptional longevity
  2. Vehicles fair better in a wider variety of weather. Extreme sun or a downpour of snow won’t affect the paint.
  3. The clear coat layer protects the paint and reduces the chance of the car becoming scratched in the first place.

The maintenance costs of the two-step process are also significantly lower because it is unlikely you will need to get your car repainted, or even receive damage in the first place.


With most Tesla models being so new to the market, it can seem like a daunting task to fix any blemishes on the body. However, in the long run, using touchup paint and fixing it yourself is cost-effective and convenient. The paint we offer is the same quality you’d get at a body shop, so why not try doing it yourself?

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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