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Start the Restoration Journey of Your Toyota Corolla by Using the Ultimate Best Touch up Paints offered by ERA Paints

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The attractive color combinations of Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Corolla touch up paints will seal all the flaws of your car by completely covering each scratch on it

Don’t you love your Corolla more than anything? Does it break your heart when you see a scratch on the shiny luminous body of your car? If yes, and if you want to get rid of all the scratches on your car, then you have ended up in the right place. At ERA Paints, we understand your pain, and hence we have cost-effective products for you that will give maximum results in minimum investment. We offer everything from touch up paint colors to clear coats. You name it, and we have it.

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Our products are used and recommended by the leading name in the industry. With quality, performance, and commitment, we have earned the masses’ trust, and we are continually striving every day to do even better. Using our products means that you will have the chance to connect with the industry’s top business. Nonetheless, our experts are highly skilled and know their jobs profoundly. They know which customer needs what and how to cater to all their needs. Our teams are always at your service at any hour of the day.

To help you understand the DIY processes and give you some key points on using touch-up paints, we have created a guide. The guide is well-planned and structured to cater to all of your queries, and however, if you still have questions or ambiguities, you can visit our FAQ page. If you want to talk to any of our representatives, call us at 971-770-2372 or email us at

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The questions we are answering are:

  1. Where can you find your Toyota Corolla paint code?
  2. How do you apply Toyota Corolla touch up paint?
  3. What Toyota Corolla paint product should you use?
  4. What equipment do you need for Toyota Corolla paint repairs?
  5. What repairs can you do yourself to the Toyota Corolla?
  6. How do you match Toyota Corolla touch up paint color?

Where can you find your Toyota Corolla paint code?

Toyota has made it easy for its customers by placing all the models’ paint code in the same place. The steps to find the Toyota Corolla paint code are these

Toyota Paint Code Location
  • Go and open the driver’s side door of your Toyota Corolla
  • Look down at the door jamb of the car
  • Look for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) sticker
  • Spot the barcode on it
  • The paint code lies under the barcode

You can also check out our YouTube channel for a video on how to find your paint code, or application videos and other great tips & tricks.

How do you apply Toyota Corolla touch up paint?

The process of applying the Toyota Corolla touch paint is simple. All you have to do is focus on these ten steps and be patient with the process of drying

  1. Use soap or detergent to clean the surface of the car
  2. With sandpaper, even out the surface of the scratched area
  3. Use wax/grease remover to eliminate the particles left due to sandpaper
  4. Let the area dry completely before you move further
  5. With masking tape, secure the surrounding area
  6. Apply primer in intervals to hold the color of the touch-up paints
  7. Apply the Toyota Corolla touch up paint until the real color and touch up paint are aligned
  8. Allow the paint to dry
  9. At last, use the clear coat to preserve the freshness and give a shiny look
  10. Let it dry for twenty-four hours or overnight

What Toyota Corolla paint product should you use?

We highly recommend using the touch-up paint bottle or the touch-up paint spray by the ERA paints with the relative experience.

What equipment do you need for Toyota Corolla paint repairs?

These are the equipment you to do the Toyota Corolla paint repairs

  1. Sandpaper: To make the surface even
  2. Wax/Grease remover: To discard any particles left because of the sandpaper
  3. Primer: To firmly hold the color
  4. Masking tape: To protect the surrounding area
  5. Toyota Corolla touch up paint : To bring back the attractiveness of your car
  6. Clear Coat :To preserve the color
  7. Gloves: To avoid any skin damage
  8. A piece of cloth: In case if needed to wipe something

What repairs can you do yourself to the Toyota Corolla?

You can do the following with your car

  • Repair its outer look and give it a smooth, fresh look again
  • Remove all the scratches and dents from it
  • Make paintwork of it flawless and perfect

How do you match Toyota Corolla touch up paint color?

You do not have to do much to find the Toyota Corolla touch up paint color jut follow the steps

  1. Search the paint code for the car by looking at the VIN sticker
  2. Visit any of the ERA Paints body shop or repair shop
  3. The computers with the fastest-technology will find the exact match
  4. Our experts will give you the right match as needed

Concluding Word

We value our customers, and that is why we have created this guide. If you still have any questions, please contact the information mentioned above.


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