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When it comes to touch up paint, you’re probably looking for the best, that’s also affordable. Like many, you’re probably typing into google “best touch up paint”. In fact that’s why we labeled this article in hopes that you’ll find it and read what we have to say.

Touch Up Paint Manufacturers:

There are a lot of misconceptions on what the “best touch up paint” is. In fact, most companies order from 3 different manufacturers which are PPG, Sherwin Williams, and BASF. With each manufacturer there are 3 tiers of automotive touch up paint from which car touch up companies can buy from. You have low quality, medium, and high. From there each touch up company will have to choose which tier to use in their touch up paint.

A QUICK NOTE: The best touch up paint will be the paint that is mixed when you order and then shipped to your house. The best touch up paint can go bad within 6 months! When you see it sitting on shelves in stores, you’re getting very low quality with a lot of additives/preservatives that aren’t meant to be in car paint. You also can’t get a perfect color match, there are hundreds of thousands of colors and only 15 on the shelf. How could ever expect an even remotely close match? That’s why the best option is to buy touch up paint online.

What Touch Up Paint Businesses Buy To Create Their Paint:

The issue is that businesses, even ours, can buy any tier and call it whatever they want. So, you never know what the quality is until you get it home and put it on your car. The general rule of thumb in almost all cases of commerce is that you pay for what you get. Just because a product is high priced doesn’t automatically mean it’s the best touch up paint either. Luckily for our day-in-age we have something called reviews. Always check the price, if it’s less than 10 dollars most likely it’s too good to be true. If it’s extremely high compared to others, then you’ll want to check the reviews in more than one place or check YouTube to see the product in use.

Application Is Just As Important As The Paint You Buy:

What also needs to be understood about touch up paint is that companies can create very high-quality paint for you. But if it’s not applied correctly, or you skip over clear coat or even primer, then the results can vary. I’ve seen great car paint companies get horrible reviews because the user did not follow the instructions and blames the paint. It’s also extremely important to make sure you got the right color and understand that if your paint is badly faded, you will never get a good match. Even if the car touch up company you ordered from gets the EXACT PERFECT match to your car paint color from OEM specifications it will NOT match. And you can’t blame the company for that.

What do we strive for?

At ERA Paints, we are never the type of business to talk bad about others. There are a lot of great car paint companies out there, some that call themselves the best (almost all), and why would you not? If you don’t believe in your own product how can others believe in it?

The best option is to do what you were probably already doing, look at prices, check reviews and make your best educated guess. What we have said in articles before is something we learned from our fathers before us.

There’s a story behind it.

– “Dad, why are you spending a $100 (that was a lot for boots back then) dollars on your boots when we can barely afford rent?”
– “Son, sometimes you have to buy nice, so you don’t buy twice”

I probably brushed it off and didn’t think too much of it, sad he couldn’t get me some more video games to play with. I didn’t realize the importance of what he said until 10 years later when I had a very rough blue-collar job. In 5 years at the job I went through 2 pairs of boots. I was trying to save money and buy cheaper boots for around $60. I ended up spending more money than he did 10 years earlier.

Of course, I wanted to go tell my dad about this and enjoy the story together. When I got to my parents’ house, I went to the back to find my dad clearing blackberry bushes. I looked down at his boots and started smiling. My father still had his boots he bought 10 years ago. I told him what my experience was, and he laughed at me and we both smiled. I should have listened to him.

Whether you’re looking for the best touch up paint or some other product, remember that it’s not always about price, but it can show the quality behind the product.

Why buy high quality paint?

Buy a high-quality touch up paint so you don’t have to keep retouching the same area multiple times and end up spending more money in the long run. Take the 10 minutes to learn how to properly apply the paint or you will have to keep retouching every year.

In the end, at ERA Paints we may have competitors that offer the same premium quality we offer. But we also separate ourselves through our customer service, with exact paint color matches and no shipping costs. We offer help and guides to get the best results. We truly believe we have the best overall experience for the customer and were still getting better every day.

We’re small enough to care about each customer, but large enough to take care of you!

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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