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Restore your 2008 IS250, Grey Lexus, or any Lexus car color with our industry-leading OEM auto paint.

With our Lexus Touch Up Paint Guide, you can get your Lexus back on the road in no time, discover how to find your Lexus paint code, and order Lexus Paint

Our comprehensive article on Lexus touch up paint is sure to answer any questions you may have about the DIY touch up paint process. It doesn’t matter whether you have never repaired a scratch before, doing the work at home is a straightforward process that even a novice can do successfully.

Lexus lc500 Automotive Touch Up Paint

Regardless of whether your 2012 GS needs Crimson Metallic touch up paint, your searching for Lexus Caviar colors, or you need to know how much it costs to paint an SUV, ERA Paints has you covered. If you already know you need Lexus Pearl White paint, then simply find it on our website, and we will send it with free shipping.

We don’t compromise on quality. All of our paints are mixed to your paint code specifications and are Made in the USA to the highest standards, so they provide an excellent finish. If you know what you need jump to the section that is most relevant to you.

  • How to Find Your Lexus paint code
  • How to fix a chip or scratch on your Lexus
  • Should you use a Lexus touch up paint pen or touch up paint jars
  • What supplies do you need to repair your paint job on your Lexus
  • How much can you save if you fix your Lexus at home
  • How long does it take to fix a scratch if you do it yourself

If you have a question about Lexus touch up paint that we have not answered here, take a look at our FAQ page, our videos, or give us a call 971-770-2372! We have a great customer service and are always ready to lend a hand.

How to Find Your Lexus paint code (Lexus IS300 2008, 2008 IS250, Lexus GS300 2016, and all Lexus models)

Finding your Lexus paint code is simple. The tag will vary slightly depending on the year of your model. It may either be a light blue, silver, or white color. However, all Lexus’ have the paint code in the same location, which makes finding it easy.

Lexus Paint Code Location

To find the color code for a Lexus:

  • Open the driver’s side door
  • Look in the door jamb
  • Locate the sticker and find the prefix C/TR, the color code comes after
  • The Lexus paint code typically has three characters, followed by a slash, then another four characters.

The first three characters follow the prefix C/TR are the exterior color. The four that come after the slash are the Lexus trim colors. The first three digits are the most important.

Example code: C/TR: 6T1/FB22

Lexus Paint Code Location

In the code above, the most relevant character at 6T1 as this is the code for the exterior color. In this instance, it refers to a Bamboo Pearl Lexus. You don’t need to worry about the FB22 code as this is for the trim colors.

As with other car manufacturers, Lexus car colors use a variety of different names for the same color paint. So, your Burgundy Lexus may look the same as your neighbors, but they could have a different name.

If, for some reason, the Lexus paint code is not in the driver’s side door jamb, you have a few different options to find the color.

  1. Navigate to our color find and type in the model and year of your Lexus vehicle
  2. Call Lexus’ North American hotline throughout the week on 1-800-874-7505
  3. Speak to your car dealer and give them your VIN. They can check their records and give you the information.
  4. Give our expert customer service team a call, and they can guide you through any issues you are having.

Once you have the Lexus paint code, getting your Lexus back on the road is just a few steps away. We have the paint for every factory color in our online database. So, use our drop-down menu to select your Lexus, then we will ship you the paint, with no delivery fee.

How to fix a chip or scratch on your Lexus (Lexus GS350, 2010 Lexus ES300, 2007 Lexus IS300, and all Lexus models)

Whether you need to repair the chip on your Black Obsidian 2005 RX 400h hybrid or the scratch on your LS460 door, fixing your Lexus is an easy DIY project, saving you a lot of time and money.

Before beginning the process, make sure that you have given the equipment a test run to get familiar with it and make sure you are using OEM touch up paint, clear coat and primer that is still in good condition. Make sure that you fix your Lexus in relatively good weather. The temperature should be above 70 degrees and complete the work inside or in the shade.

To achieve best results, always read & follow the instructions included in your shipment. Below is an outline of the steps you need to take, and are for guidance only. The process is broken down into two main parts, preparation, and application.


  1. Clean the affected area to remove any dirt
  2. Sand the scrape down to smooth the scratch out and improve the chances of a great finish
  3. Put your gloves on
  4. Use wax and grease remover to reclean the area
  5. Put masking tape around the scrape


  1. Apply several thin layers of the primer and wait approx. 15 minutes between each coat so primer may dry
  2. Using the spray canister or paint applicators, apply thin layers of the Lexus touch up paint. Try and line the color up with the surrounding area. Let it dry
  3. Spray or apply clear coat to the damaged area 2-3 times. This seals off the area from outside elements and enhances the color

If you are looking for a more comprehensive step-by-step guide, we have a YouTube channel with a variety of how-to videos or you may check our FAQ’s. Alternatively, give our customer support experts a call and they can provide you with more information.

Should you use a Lexus touch up paint pen or touch up paint bottles?

When looking to fix the scratches, scrapes, and dings on your Lexus, there are several options that you can choose from.

  • Lexus Touch Up Paint Pen
  • Lexus Touch Up Paint Bottles
  • Lexus Aerosol Canister Auto Paint

We do not sell Lexus touch up paint pens at ERA Paints. We strive to provide our customers with exceptional products that give an excellent finish. Unfortunately, touch up paint pens don’t offer the quality finish that we expect, if you have a metallic or pearl-colored Lexus, using a pen will not bond to the vehicle correctly and will eventually begin to flake.

The best options are either spray cans or paint bottles/jars, and your choice will depend on the severity and size of the damage. The paint bottles are great for small chips or scratches that are generally smaller than a small coin. The applicators that the containers come with are the exact size for the job and provide the level of detail necessary to return your Lexus to its former glory.

A large scratch or scrape requires a 12oz spray can. If you are attempting to repaint your bumper or an entire panel, you’ll need multiple canisters. To make application easier, take a look at our spray can grip which lowers stress on your hand and helps apply a consistent spray. Always be sure to practice application before painting your car.

What supplies do you need to repair your paint job on your Lexus?

Getting a great finish relies on using the right supplies for the job. We recommend using the equipment below to achieve an original factory finish.

Lexus Bumper Scrape Touch Up Paint
  • Primer helps prepare the scratch for the touch up paint
  • Lexus OEM touch up paint
  • Clear coat to seal the OEM auto paint
  • Wax and Grease Remover is excellent for cleaning the car after sanding
  • 320 and 600 grit sandpaper to smooth out the damaged area
  • Masking tape and paper will help you protect the rest of your Lexus
  • A towel to wipe off any excess paint and keep your hands dry
  • Spray Can Trigger Grip, which can be used with one of our 12oz spray cans

We offer most of the supplies above in a convenient Lexus Touch Up Paint Kit. The kits provide better value and mean you can get the job done with less hassle. Alternatively, if you don’t need everything, we sell the necessary items on their own.

How much can you save if you fix your Lexus at home?

If you have damaged a large section of your Lexus, then a trip to the body shop may be worthwhile because getting the necessary tools can be expensive. However, for small scratches and scrapes, there is rarely a need to take your Lexus to the body shop. Our Lexus touch up paint kits offer far better value and are delivered for free. See below for a breakdown of the price comparison.

Chips from rocks$40 to $100$150 to $900
Small bumper scratches$40 to $100$450
Small key scratches$40 to $100$150 to $300
Medium sized scratch$40 to $100$150 to $400

Only a few manufacturers produce high-quality paint necessary to fix your Lexus. We exclusively stock top-tier paint, which is the same used by body shops, so you’ll get the color required for a flawless factory finish.

How long does it take to fix a scratch if you do it yourself?

Saving time is one of the key benefits of completing the Lexus touch up paint job at home. You get to complete the work without having to adjust your schedule to fit the needs of the body shop. See below for averages times of each part of the process.

Lexus Paint Code

Saving time is one of the key benefits of completing the Lexus touch up paint job at home. You get to complete the work without having to adjust your schedule to fit the needs of the body shop. See below for averages times of each part of the process.

  • Preparation – Total time: 15 minutes
  • Sanding – Total time: 25 minutes
  • Cleaning – Total time: 10 minutes
  • Applying Primer – Total time: 5 minutes per coat. Fifteen minutes hour of dry time.
  • Applying the Lexus paint – Total time: 5 minutes per coat. 20 minutes dry time each coat.
  • Clear coat application – Total time: 15 minutes. Ten minutes of dry time.
  • Post-application dry time – Total time: 24 hours.

These timings are just a rough estimate and will vary depending on the weather. Make sure you give your Lexus sufficient drying time and do not apply any rubbing compound until three days after.


Don’t be overwhelmed by the process; doing it yourself is a great way to save money and pick up a new skill. Our Lexus touch up paint is affordable, and our kits smooth out the process. If you have anything you need help with or require more assistance, give us a call, and we can help.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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